Outline of Membership Details and Price

  • Membership Initiation Fee ($200+HST) includes:
    • Judo Ontario/Judo Canada registration for insurance purposes – Registration requirements can be found here.
    • A single-weave judo gi (Fuji brand or equivalent – retail value of approximately $60-$80 before applicable taxes)
    • Separate Third-party insurance specifically for Hayabusakan Judo
    • Hard-copy of Hayabusakan Judo Member Handbook


  • Annual contractual membership for the first year
    • Competitive / Technical Class: $185 + HST monthly
    • Beginner /  Recreational Class: $160 + HST monthly
    • Please inquire within for family discounts, bulk pay discounts, and other rates related to different payment plans
    • Membership is rolling on a monthly basis after the first year



  • Grading fee of $30 for each belt rank promotion up to green belt; $50 for each belt rank promotion fee for blue and for brown


If there are any further questions, feel free to call Sensei Justin Chan at (416)-992-8208 or email

Thank you again for showing your interest in our judo club!