Opening Season Newsletter (2016-17)

Hi Everyone,
The tournament season is approaching and we’re ramping up the classes to get ready to fight!
The club has grown well and we are now at the next stage of development. The class schedule will stay the same but the content and format of the classes will change slightly:
Mondays (7pm-9pm): warm-up, technical instruction, drills related to the technique(s) taught, randori
Wednesdays (7pm-9pm): warm-up, tachi-waza technical tuning, drills related to technique(s) that are being tuned, BJJ (technical, exercises/drills, 20 minutes of rolling)
Fridays (7pm-9pm): warm-up, ne-waza randori, tachi-waza randori, gripping technical instruction and drills
Sundays (10am-12pm): 100 throws minimum, fitness (suicide ladder (6,6,9,6,6), over-unders/hard push-ups/sit-ups/flips, circuit training)
Danique Janssen visiting from Netherlands
Danique and her family are visiting again this year and will be here from Aug 2-13. Danique will be joining all of the Hayabusakan practices when she is here. She is a second degree black belt and has won the national title in the Netherlands before. She is currently a U21 -52kg fighter and is very strong on the European scene. I’ve attached her profile for those of you who want to know more about her.

Hayabusakan Judo Annual BBQ

As you all know, we have an annual BBQ at my house. This year, I will be hosting again on Saturday, August 6, 2016. Please feel free to bring the family along. I will send out another email with directions and times later this week. Hope that everyone can make it. No Sunday Fitness the day after the Annual BBQ! Olympic Judo is on and I’ll be watching!
Tentative Tournament Schedule for 2016-17 season (we will not necessarily go to all of these):
17-sep-16: Judo Ontario Youth League Shiai (U10/U12 only)
24-sep-16: Ajax Budokan Monthly Shiai
1-oct-16: Asahi Shiai
15-oct-16: Niagara Falls Invitational
Nov 5-6, 2016: Quebec Open (Montreal, QC)
Nov 12-13, 2016: Ontario Open
26-nov-16: Ajax Annual Shiai
7-jan-17: 2017 Elite Invitational (top 8 nationally ranked fighters in U18 and Senior only)
Jan 21-22, 2017: Saskatchewan Open (Regina, SK)
28-jan-17: Ontario Youth International
March 4-5, 2017: Pacific International (Vancouver, BC)
March 11-12, 2017: Edmonton International (Edmonton, AB)
1-apr-17: 2017 Peel Judo Championships
April 8-9, 2017: Eastern Canadian Judo Championships (Edmunston, NB)
29-apr-17: 2017 Tora Annual Shiai
May 11-14, 2017: 2017 Open National Championships (Calgary, AB)
Tournaments in blue are regional and mandatory to remain on standard belt promotion timelines.
Tournaments in green are beginner level and are designed for those first starting out to fight.
Tournaments in purple may have belt minimums and I will choose who will compete at these.
Tournaments in orange are higher level and I will chose who will compete at these.
Tournaments in red are by selection or by ranking and require qualification either provincially or nationally.

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