Belt Descriptions


This group consists of all of those joining the club for the first time and who have never done judo before.



This group consists of those players who have adequate ukemi (breakfalls) to protect themselves while getting thrown at a reasonable speed. They should also have a basic understanding of the beginner throws.


Orange – Green

Students of this group should be strengthening the techniques they know and adding new techniques to their repertoire. They should also be starting to learn combinations of throws.



Competitors at this group should be learning all the throws they haven’t already. They should also be developing their combinations and implementing them in their fights. At this point, a judoka will start to develop their own style.



At this group level, students should be building a strong understanding of all the techniques of judo. They should understand good combinations and be able to apply them well. Brown belts should also be preparing to be evaluated by the Provincial Grading Board. Students at this level should also be becoming leaders at the dojo; being able to correct the techniques of lower belts, acting as a role model, assisting senseis with warm-ups, and teaching simple techniques.



Once a student has passed the National Grading for black belt, who have demonstrated that they are not only able to teach but able to recognize flaws in techniques, will be given instructor status and will be allowed to help coach other competitors at tournaments. Their status is just under the Head Sensei. This status is not announced and is just understood.