Judo Sport Cross-Training

Judo is a great sport to cross-train other contact sports with because it promotes a strong focus on building some of the most fundamental attributes that are common in most high performance contact sports:

  • knowledge of how to fall safely (a.k.a. how to “bail”)
  • strong balance (so that it is difficult to be tackled or knocked down)
  • increased pain threshold
  • strong core
  • muscles that can fire at maximum strength in very short bursts
  • effective use of power at the point of contact with opposing players
  • increased mental focus
  • much more….

Sensei Justin, while training with the Welsh national team, did a few sessions with the revered Welsh rugby team where the national judo team showed the national rugby team to tackle more efficiently and showed a couple of different ways that were effective in turning opposing players off the ball. Judo has proven to be a very compatible cross-training sport for rugby and this is evident in the most famous teams around the world with the likes of the All Blacks and other national teams making good use of judo techniques to supplement their training to make their on-pitch game that much more effective and relentless. View an article that covered this cross-training.

The membership fees for this program will depend on the sport. For rugby, the starting price is $40+HST per player per month, with a minimum of 10 players ($35 at 20 players). This will include a minimum of two one-hour-long training sessions a week. The schedule can be flexible to work around existing team training times.