Judo Class Hierarchy

Our judo club is structured in a hierarchy (top to bottom):

1. Head Sensei (Instructor Status) – Justin Chan
2. Assistant Head Sensei(s) (Instructor Status)
3. Instructor Sensei(s) (Instructor Status)
4. Judo Canada/IJF/Kodokan Recognized Black Belts
5. Senpais
6. All Other Students, in order of belt rank:

  • brown
  • blue
  • green
  • orange
  • yellow
  • white

This hierarchy is set in place for accountability purposes and to reinforce the humility that is required especially of all judoka who fall under “all other students”.

The Head Sensei is responsible for the overall structuring of the judo program, lessons, and coaching at tournaments. If you have a question about the training regimen that is imposed on the students, please speak to the Head Sensei. Tournament and Dojo Exchange information will also be communicated by the Head/Assistant Head Senseis.

The administrative duties are overseen by Sensei Justin Chan. If you have a question about membership, fees, or judo gi sales, please speak to either Sensei.

Black Belts are only fully recognized if proper documentation from Judo Canada or some other fully recognized IJF organization, including the Kodokan Judo Institute (Tokyo, Japan) confirming rank and date which that rank was achieved can be shown upon request. This is for insurance purposes.

Sempais are senior students (usually Brown Belts). They are role model students who will be used to help with the efficient and smooth running of classes. They are also there to assist the instructing sensei. Sempais are expected to help out in the instruction of new members and will often be assigned to monitor breakfall exercises.