Judo and Fitness – The Connection

Judo is heavily connected to being physically in shape – all over. Our sport uses muscles from all over the body. For first-timers, they will find that they are starting to activate muscles they never even knew that they had.

To help with the development of our students, we have very traditionally specific judo-fitness training facilities:

  • climbing ropes
  • battle ropes
  • gymnastics rings
  • peg board
  • fitness balls for a plethora of different exercises
  • steps for jumping
  • kettle bells and medicine balls
  • tractor tires for flipping
  • and more….

The program consists of a package of four 1-hour work-outs for $100+HST per registrant. A minimum of 6 registrants is required to run this class. Please contact Sensei Justin Chan (416-992-8208 or justin.chan@hayabusatorontojudo.com) regarding this program.

Parents of students will receive a special rate of $50+HST per registrant.