High Performance Judo


For those students who excel at the basics and demonstrate an outstanding level of ability, we have a special program structure that caters to finding a way to facilitate the maximum fulfillment of potential in these judoka. Our high performance program includes focused training that is integrated with vigorous physical training that will bring out the best of anyone who takes the challenge to embark upon this special program.

It will include the following, among other things:

  • One 3-hour mini camp that consists of:
    • focused attention on the completion of 300 throws in the first hour
    • intense judo-specific cardio training in the second hour
    • intensified randori (sparring/free training) sessions that are meant to mirror long strings of matches with little to no rest in the third hour
  • special extra attention to kumi-kata (gripping) techniques – a must-have attribute of high performance judo players
  • tougher and longer strength-building sessions/exercises which will include:
    • rope climbing
    • rings
    • peg board
    • other agility-mixed exercises

This program is designed specifically for those who will be qualifying for Junior and Senior Nationals and beyond. It can be a goal for beginners to one day become a part of it. However, it must be kept in mind that this is a privilege to train at this level and it must be earned. Furthermore, once earned, attendance is heavily scrutinized.