Group Descriptions




This group consists of all of those joining the club for the first time and who have never done judo before.


Colour Belt Group

Yellow – Orange – Green – Blue – Brown


Intermediate Recreational Group

Yellow – Orange

This group consists of those players within the Colour Belt Group who have no intention to ever fight tournaments. However, they will still be encouraged to fight in intra-club and dojo exchange shiai settings. Competing at these events is usually mandatory for belt promotion beyond orange. Students who come under this group will find that they will not progress as fast those who are selected for the Competitor Group. Specifically, these students will generally find that obtaining their brown belt will be especially harder in terms of time in rank. Furthermore, with the exception for special age considerations, recreational fighters will find it even harder to obtain a black belt. Fighters in this group will always lack a competition understanding of judo and will therefore most likely not be referred to the National Grading Board for examination, unless in special circumstances (fighting points are generally required for black belt candidates under the age of 21). Black Belts from our system and structure should be able to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of all aspects of judo, including that of competition. Thus, a judoka who never fights tournaments cannot later teach/share this experience/aspect.


Advanced / Competitor Group

Blue – Brown

The competitor group is a hand-selected bunch from the Colour Belt Pool who will focus on fine-tuning basics. Just because a particular fighter competes at tournaments beyond intra-club and dojo exchange (i.e. Judo Ontario sanctioned or other internationally recognized tournaments) does not automatically make a fighter eligible to be included in the instruction of this group. It is a privilege that must be earned through demonstration of humility (most important to demonstrate coachability), sound basics, and unwavering, consistent attendance.[/tab]


Senpais / Senseis

Brown – Black

Senpais will be chosen from the Competitor Group based on each fighter’s ability to teach and interaction with younger and/or less experienced judoka. These are selected by the senseis. This status is generally not officially announced and is casually bestowed. Senpais are generally on the road to being referred to the National Grading Board for examination. As soon as senpais receive their black belt, they will be automatically addressed as “Sensei”.


Visiting Students

All of these judoka must sign a waiver of liability before stepping onto the mat. These types of students are instrumental to further exposure of Hayabusakan Judo members to other fighters and serves as good practice for trying to apply techniques.


Visiting Senseis

Visiting Senseis are vital towards spreading knowledge of judo. What works for one sensei will not necessarily work for the next, as the same goes for judoka to judoka. Visiting senseis may have a technique that a particular student in our club may find very useful.[/tab]